Birth of Pete the Panstick®
Friday, 06 June 2008 00:00

Pete the Panstick® is a sophisticated, bilingual (Spanish and English) animated character, created by Camille Selvon Abrahams for Sanch Electronix. He helps children comprehend and remember basic musical concepts, in an interactive way. Pete dances, talks, claps his hands and plays the Steelpan. Imagine the joy of a parent who can leave an unsupervised child to lime with Pete for hours on end, in an atmosphere that is simultaneously filled with fun and learning.

Travel with Pete as he navigates through his DVD in a structured way, chapter by chapter. First, your child is introduced to the Steelpan, via an illustrated layout of its Notes as Pete narrates the range of its compass. He then plays favourite Nursery Rhymes and Folk Songs before undertaking an assessment with a specially designed Quiz and Puzzle, followed by Games. These chapters help children to appreciate more about this revolutionary instrument and its history.

Next, Pete introduces your child to the world of virtuoso pan Arrangers and plays clips of their famous Panorama arrangements. Three short films illustrate how the instrument is made and trace its History. Finally, it is time for recess. And what better way for relaxation than by listening to seven different genres of pan Music with Pete, before he returns to his mysterious world of animation.

Pete the Panstick® is a must-have interactive DVD for all children, as they become an inevitable part of the ongoing global technological revolution. It is a logical introduction to the Pan in Education Series of products created by Sanch, geared towards building knowledge-based societies of the future. Pete’s developmental costs were partially funded by a grant from the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company. The DVD will be available in August.

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Simeon L. Sandiford
Managing Director
June 26, 2008